Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sony's Big Announcement

We have all been craving the next generation console and we can't deny that factor. However our wait is finally over because Sony has come to our gamer needs. On February 20th Sony will be hosting a meeting to introduce their next system. Sony released a video January 31st, 2013 that shows the familiar symbols we all know and love. Which we can only assume that they will be talking about their upcoming system. We can't make any statements just yet without proof but this video is very convincing. 


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Sunday, 10 February 2013


Well hello!
 So my name is Shailynn but I like to go by Shay. With this blog post I'm going to tell you my life story.. up until this point in my life at least. I've gone through a lot in my life to get to where I am today so I think I should share with everyone so you can get to know me a little better.

 I was born in a small town known as Bowmanville on September 1st. My parent and I moved to a town called Tillsonburg where I had my childhood years spent. I made a lot of great friends in that area but I knew I wasn't going anywhere there. I am an only child and my parents never wanted to have another kid so instead they bought me a dog. Her name is Dazzle and in a way filled in the spot of a sibling for me. 


I was the type of kid who fell into peer pressure a lot. I became sort of a rebellious child. I wouldn't listen to my parents, I even got into fights with kids on the playground. (Keep in mind, that I was only 10 years old at the time.) I wasn't into playing with dolls, make up, having tea parties and what not. I was more into playing outside with the boys or playing video games. I was even a track star through my grade 4-6 years. I made it on top even got to go through to the second heat. My mom and dad were tired of the small farming town and wanted to have a different life. We put a "For Sale" sigh on our lawn and I bet you can tell I was extremely happy about that. Being the rebellious child that I was I got my neighborhood friends to throw water balloons at the sign. In 2006 we sold our cute little house and moved to Orillia. It was difficult to leave all my friends and being forced to move at the start of the summer made things even more difficult on me. I didn't have any friends since I had no one around me. We lived down this cottage road renting a house just until we could afford a new home. But as I stated earlier, I was bad for falling into peer pressure. If it wasn't for this move I could see myself getting into drugs, trouble, pregnant, or even end up in jail at some point. That's a pretty big statement to make for myself but knowing who I was back then, I can completely see it. 

 Anyway, I only had my video games and an art book at my disposal. So I started drawing and playing video games a lot more. Video games because a sanctuary for me, I was able to create a character and be someone incredible. I could be a part of an imaginary world. They kept me from going down a bad path. 

  After the end of the summer, the moment I was dreading came around. SCHOOL STARTED. I tried to pretend I was sick so I didn't have to go but sadly that little charade failed. I got on the bus and immediately all eyes were on me. So many new faces at once with no one speaking a single word. I sat down quietly by myself and stared out the window. Wishing I could be back with my friends starting at a new school! At that school I could have had a locker, been a part of more classes that actually were cool. But no, I had to go back to a public school since it went to grade 8 not grade 6. 

   After a week I made one friend, she was crazy and very enthusiastic. We became best friends and shortly after I was able to make a solid group of friends. I wasn't that social back then so having her introduce me made it really easy. Since I had two full months alone, I wasn't exactly sociable with people. I was awkward in big groups. My past personality was gone and the new one was shy towards everything around her. I was excited to find out that this school also held a track and field too. I spent most of my time training for that and gaming. I was once again the top girl in track and field, I even joined the soccer team to fill up my time. I was still sticking to artwork as well, however one art assignment I was told to do was to draw an outer space scene. I was excited because I was ready to do something abstract. I drew a beautiful piece of work. Probably the greatest piece of work I've ever done. My teacher looked at it and said that's not what she wants. It wasn't considered art and I had to re-do the assignment. I was crushed and realized that I wasn't going to let some teacher tell me how my art should look. Art is an expression form and that's how I was going to go about my art.  

 Graduation came around for grade 8 and that meant it was time for High School. The one part of life that everyone hates.  I didn't end up taking any art courses since I wasn't really in the mood to re-do everything I ever created. So I took some gym classes and social studies classes. Throughout my high school year I started to lose and gain friends. It was a whole new atmosphere being in High School. I found my gamer group in grade 10 and stuck with them. We had been friends up until grade 12, we started to fall apart. Some of us started caring more about parties and girls rather than the group. There was a lot of arguing in out last year of high school and I came to terms with the maturity levels of those around me were a lot lower then they should be. I let them go and started doing my own thing.

 I needed money at this point so I could actually do stuff so I hired onto the Wavemaker Pool Spa Showroom team. I test water and sell chemicals for pools and hot tubs. At this point I was strictly into video games and trying to find out what I want to do with my life. I was hired onto EB Games too. The one place in Orillia that I could see myself doing well at. I had plenty of jobs in Orillia but the one that I wanted more than anything was to work there. My dream had finally come true. While working there I finally knew what I wanted with my life. Why it took me so long to figure out what I was meant to do with my life, beats me. BUT I realized I want to work in the gaming industry either writing or working in the media side of the gaming industry. I tried programming and well, that isn't exactly the talent I possess. Plus my artwork wasn't exactly up to par with game development. I preferred to write and I knew I could succeed in that field. I've always been a huge fan of English courses and always made top marks in my class. After a while though, I had to quit. EB Games. Having two jobs and school at the same time was really causing me problems. My sleep pattern wasn't right and I was getting sick.

 During my grade 12 year, I applied to 5 schools and was accepted to all of them. I wasn't ready to go to school yet though. I wanted to make sure I had the money and even the courage to go. I just continued to work at Wavemaker full time. The girls I work with are incredible people and I've learned a lot from them. It's almost been two years that I was able to spend with them. But around the the end of the summer I had to say goodbye to my friends as they went away to school. I keep in touch with most of them and I'm glad to still have them in my life. Even my best friend still talks to me. He's a pretty important person in my life and has always been there so I'm very grateful to have him in my life!

 To this day I have applied to IGN and also just got a freelance job writing for OneSpawn. I was just accepted into Durham for journalism and I will be attending the school in the fall. I've been apart of a lot of charities too, it's been a wild experience and I love the feeling! I've made some new friends throughout the past few months. I've been fortunate enough to be a part of my one friends' life. He's a very busy guy but means the world to me all the same and appreciate him making the time for me. 
 I've grown a lot and made a lot of mistakes in my life. I've lost friends but made new ones and where I am today is the place I want to be. I'm glad I ended up here and wouldn't ask for it any other way. 

  The SPCA Pet Food Drive

Well, that is my life story up until this point. I look forward to posting more and getting this blog up and going. Thank you for reading!

-Love, Shay